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Isabelo Tampinco (1850 - 1933)
Narra and Rattan
H: 53” x L : 20 1/2” x W: 19” (135 cm x 52 cm x 48 cm)

Opening bid: P 800,000

Workshop of Isabelo Tampinco, Manila
Don Maximo Sison Viola
Heirs of Maximo Viola

Lot 94 of the Leon Gallery auction of 3 March 2018. Please see for more details.

This chair is a companion piece to the one in the next lot. They are part of a small set specifically made for the bedroom of Don Maximo Viola in 1909. The details of both chairs are alike, except that the side chair has no arms and is made of smaller dimensions.

It seems that when the furniture in the Viola house was divided among the heirs, each one was given a piece as a memento of their forebear. The heirs are now disposing of the pieces according to their need, so the objects are reaching the market piecemeal.

-Martin I. Tinio, Jr.
Date: 2018-02-22 09:11:59

Philippines Leon Gallery auction art antique antiques furniture Cloma

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Sold on auction for PHP 2,803,200.
Leo Cloma 2018-03-12 04:39:43

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