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Manung Ben

Manung Ben
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Manung Ben, a rattan furniture producer from Bataan who decided upon our first interview in Ilagan that he would teach me anything and everything he knew about rattan collection, trade and manufacturing. He was a fantastic informant and became a wonderful friend. We spends days and nights together to discuss forestry, rattan business, "SOP" (standard operational procedure = corruption).

Here, we visited the workshop of his friend competitor - Mario Binag. A moment of opportunity for Mang Ben to take the director's seat with a cigar and pretend that he was well off.

Later, I heard that Mario got into the subsidized reforestation business, made more heaps of money and now lives in the USA.

Mang Ben passed on in May 2000, so I found out recently. My his soul rest in peace.
Date: 2006-06-11 14:58:24

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